Spooky Side of the Scott County Heritage Center & Museum

Spooky Side of the Scott County Heritage Center & Museum

The Scott County Heritage Center and Museum, located at 1050 South Main Street in Scottsburg, Indiana is housed inside a building that once operated as the county poor farm.  It is rumored to be haunted by its former residents.  Witnesses have reported hearing footsteps on the second floor, while no one is up there; a baby crying and unexplained smells, shadows, lights that turn off and on by themselves, noises and even full bodied apparitions have been reportedly experienced in this old building.

The Main Floor Entry Way:  Reportedly has a ghost by the name of “Bubba” that haunts this area.  He has been seen wearing overalls and a flannel shirt. 

The Display Room (to the right of the entry way):  “Bubba” is believed to be attached to a wood hopper that was donated to the museum.  This room is reportedly also much warmer than the rest of the home, even though the heating unit for the building should maintain similar temperatures throughout the house.  The HVAC system has been checked out for malfunctions and none were found.

The Upstairs Room:  This room is reported to be haunted by a ghost named “Lester.”

Mary’s Room:  Mary is reportedly the ghost known the longest to the staff and volunteers.  Her smell of sewer gas is the way she usually makes her presence known.  Mary in real life was a resident of the poor home, who often broke the rules of “no pets” by feeding stray cats and attempting to sneak one in sometimes.  It is also reported that a cat can be heard meowing in the building.  Several staff and volunteers have reportedly hear the cat and often spend time looking for a cat just in case one may have gotten into the building but none have ever been found.

Lillian’s Room:  Lillian is described as manifesting herself with the odor of lilacs or “old lady perfume.”

Tours are conducted throughout the year, typically on Saturday nights by appointment only.  To schedule your group, contact the Scott County Heritage Center and Museum at 812. 752.1050.

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