Scott County Indiana Barn Quilt Tour

Barn Quilt Tour

Barn quilts are hand painted wood squares that are reminiscent of quilt designs and mounted on the sides of barns and other buildings. Scott County's beautiful barn quilts celebrate Scott County’s rich history of textile arts. Provided below is a listing of the many barn quilts. 

Barn Quilt - 2120 South Lake Road
2120 South Lake Road, ,

The barn quilt is actually located at the Scottsburg Airport on an airplane hanger.

Barn Quilt - 310 South Garner Street
310 South Garner Street, ,

Scottsburg on a gift shop – One barn quilt

Barn Quilt - 7942 East Walnut Street
7942 East Walnut Street, ,

3 barn quilts can be seen from highway 356, just past Leroy's and an additional 2 in the front windows (seen easily from Walnut Street)

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