City: Underwood

City: Underwood

Heavenly Hills Lodge
7580 Pounds Road, ,

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Montgomery Farms Wedding Venue
1122 Radio Tower Rd., ,

Montgomery Farms sits on a beautiful 40-acre plot of land which is only a small portion of property purchased by Dallas Donald Montgomery in 1936. His dream was to invest in land that his children could have and then pass it on to their children and so forth. Over 80 years later land that was passed down to Dallas Earl Montgomery and currently to Dallas Robert Montgomery and Mandi (Montgomery) Bieda has remained virtually unchanged. The property hosts a beautiful 1870’s dairy barn sitting across a farmhouse, both of which have been restored while holding on to their great charm. To date the family has proudly been a part of joining over 200 couples in matrimony and hosting thousands fo ...

Pigeon Roost State Historic Site

The town was named Pigeon Roost because of the great number of passenger pigeons in the area. The settlement consisted of a single line of cabins stretching north and south approximately one mile north of the present town of Underwood. The nearest Indian village was located some 20 miles north near the Muskatatuck River. None of the Indians from this settlement are believed to have taken part in the attack on Pigeon Roost. The closest forts (called "blockhouses") were one to the north in Vienna in present-day Scott County and another built by Zebulon Collings to the south near what is now Henryville in Clark County. On September 3, 1812, a small party of Indians (mostly Shawnee, but possi ...

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