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Raptor Day at Hardy Lake

 Raptor Day at Hardy Lake

Hardy Lake 4171 East Harrod Road Austin, IN

Hardy Lake is the only Indiana Department of Natural Resources property with a raptor rehabilitation center. This center cares for injured birds of prey (raptors) and educates visitors about Indiana’s hawks, owls, falcons and vultures.

The Dwight R. Chamberlin Raptor (rehabilitation) Center is honored to be named for the late Dwight R. Chamberlain. One of the most recognized conservationists and a local Scott County resident, he was considered one of the nation's leading authorities on crows and ravens.

In the 1960s, Mr. Chamberlain’s research on common crows, by recording them to classify and understand the functions of their calls. He found at least 11 distinct calls, known as vocalizations, and helped to explain the intricate vocal cues they use in fighting, feeding and social interactions.

Among the calls he identified were signals for assembly, dispersal and hunger and a plaintive call made by crows that are dying. Mr. Chamberlain reported that the birds made a squalling call as an emergency signal for help, intended to summon other crows quickly. More elusive were the sounds of courtship, which he said were extremely difficult to record because of the crow’s secretive nature.

In 1968, he was featured on the children’s television program “Captain Kangaroo” accompanied by his raven, named Rolf, who had a minor speaking part. In the 1970s, Mr. Chamberlain made a television appearance on “To Tell the Truth,” as an authority on crows and ravens.

He was also a consultant to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and other environmental agencies and worked as a naturalist at the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, near his home in Scott County, Indiana.

Mr. Chamberlain, who began his career as a banker, changed course and became a public educator, speaking about bird species and the need for conservation. He tamed and raised a common raven and appeared with it at schools and nature centers, to enlighten the public about the complexity of ravens, owls and other species. 

The Dwight Chamberlain Raptor Rehab Center takes in injured and orphaned birds for the purpose of rehabilitation and release.  There are twelve permanently disabled birds that call the center home and are used for educational programming around the state. Come experience the Dwight Chamberlin Raptor Rehabilitation Center at Hardy Lake’s Raptor Day September 30, 2023.  This is the only day visitors are allowed on tours of this amazing facility.

Event Information

Event Date 09-30-2023
Event End Date 09-30-2023

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